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In order to determine alcohol, and drug content in body Rohypnol, Ayahuasca,oxycodone, oxymorphone and Cocaine, several drugs test are conducted, that use blood, urine, and saliva samples. Hair drug testing is one the best way for drug analysis in the body. The results of hair testing are reliable than other urine or saliva test. It is also  known as the hair follicle drug test. Capital of South Australia is long  known as a hub for hair drug testing. Hair testing in Adelaide assists various industries to maintain a clean, safe and polluted free atmosphere.

Drug Testing

The method which is used to detect the drugs/alcohol molecules or metabolism in your body through hair testing. From the past years(1987), food and drug administration prefer greatly hair testing technology rather than others. This testing successfully detects drugs including marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, phencyclidine (PCP) and also heroin.

Explanation On Hair Drug Testing

When the drug of any kind is injected into a vein or induced in the form of smoking, swallowing, and snorting in the body. It  first enters in the human bloodstream. Then it moves in every part of the body and ultimately reaches human hairs. Even the best shampoo can’t remove the constituents of drugs that are accumulated in hair. Though researchers have really fascinating and sensitive chemical technologies for drug detection. Moreover, In most industries and workplaces, hair testing is mendatory for the safety of the employers. This is done to make sure that the workplace environment is safe and fresh for all the workers.

Testing Procedure

A small section of the hair is required in the laboratory for testing purpose. It is completely  painless method and quick as well. The washing or dying of hairs, using different chemicals products like shampoo, and conditioners,  doesn’t affect the accuracy of testing. However, hair collection for the test can be a little tricky. But with professionals of Adelaide, it is mere a piece of cake to find a proper collection of hair. As they are well trained in the field of drugs testing. Collectors cut normally 100 to 120 hairs for the testing. They don’t make your head crown look bald, as they collect hairs from various spots.

The researcher can tell after the analysis and detection that when drugs were consumed last time. If ones took a drug few hours ago, then drug substance would be present in the root of the hair. And if one took a drug a few months ago then drugs molecule would be present at the tip of the hair. The standard hair follicle drug test usually takes a few months for drug detection.

Comparison On Hair Analysis and Urinalysis

Through urine test, drugs such as Cocaine, methamphetamine, opiates, and PCP are extremely hard to detect even after 3 days of application.  On the other hand, drugs can be easily detect even after a long period of time(up to 2 years) using hair testing. Most importantly, hair analysis is a quick, painless, and more accurate method of detecting drugs rather than urine analysis. Hair testing in Adelaide also has the ability for test repetition. While urine testing has neither collection procedure nor implicit exclusion of test deception. For all these reasons, the hair analysis is far effective than urinaysis.

Cost Of Hair Testing In Adelaide

There are different rates of a drugs test. If the test occurs at the hospital or any private laboratory, It ranges from 100$ to 125$. However, testing at home, requires a 64$ to 85$ . As compared to Hair Follicle Drug Test, urinalysis is much cheaper.

Instructions For Hair Follicle Drug Test At Home

If you are supposed to do a Hair Follicle Drug Test at home, hen you must have all the vital things. When you ordered a testing kit online. You should keep these thing in mind.

  • Try to read/ watch full method of using online or you can also read concentrate given instructions on the kit box.
  • Cut the hair according to the given manufacturer’s directions in instructions.
  • Shelter all the accumulated hair in flake separately
  • keep flake wrap hair in an envelope
  • Send  envelope in the laboratory for testing.

Hair Testing Results Identification

The Results of hair testing in Adelaide can be neutralizing, definite or indefinite


The neutralizing result shows that the researcher couldn’t detect any metabolism or molecules of drugs or alcohol after EIA screening. The GC or MC testing is not necessary after neutralization.


The definite results show that the metabolism of drugs found in hair after EIA screening. The GC or MC is mendatory for the confirmation of the presence and quantification of the drug.


In the Indefinite result, it shows that  Hair sample is contaminated. That’s why the result of the sample is not possible. It required a new hair sample for testing again.


Although the accuracy of hair testing is much satisfied as compared to urinalysis.  But it’s not 100% and the researchers can’t tell the exact date of drug was used. As the rate of hair growth varies from person to person. Everyone has different rate of hair growth  However, there are different reasons for not obtaining the 100% results. It depends on the structure of the drug molecules, the number of drugs, sweating in person, bleaching or coloring in hairs, and dark hair pigments.

For the satisfaction of the results, different researchers examined the effect of adults around 300 and above who were prone at the risk of drug use. After examination, they discovered the self-reports of adults. According to the report, it proved correct that the percentage of the report of a person with hair drugs like marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine and opioid  were 52%, 65%,24%, and 3% respectively. These are the determined and accurate rates.

Hair testing at the condition of a bald head

If a person has no hair on the head, then the collector still can take a sample of hair from the facial hair or mustache. The person with a clean shave body is not able to provide a hair sample. Exceptionally, a person has at least half inch hair on the head, body or face.


The interest of hair drug testing is increasing day by day in the generation due to the presence of drug substance up to a few months. As it is quite painless and easy as compared to other drugs testing procedures. For accuracy, it completes at 2 steps,washing and screening so that the more potential definite result can be deduced. The first step called EIA testing and the second final step is GC/MC verification.

As the cost of hair testing is much expensive. That’s why most cooperation bear the expenses of their employees and administration staff for safety and protection. While hair testing also helps to detect false medication in the human body. In different countries, the court requires drug testing of individuals for child custody and adoption to avoid domestic violence.