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Non Legal Paternity Test and NATA Paternity Test

NATA accredited DNA paternity testing (NATA is the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia)


NATA is essential when under age children are involved in parentage testing. The NATA accredited legal test can be used for purpose such as family law court disputes, child maintenance issues changing a child’s birth certificate and also for immigration purposes involving under age children. The majority of government departments in Australia require a DNA paternity test to be NATA accredited for it to be acceptable.

Therefore, if you need your test result submitted to a government department.

Once we receive all the samples and paperwork and they have been approved, test will commerce, results will be available 5 to 7 working days later and will initially be emailed to you.

This Kit will be sent to your collector, you will need to make an appointment time to have the sample collected.  This is a NATA Accredited Paternity Test.

Not to be confuse with the NON NATA = Legally Verified Paternity Test.

Note:result time 5 to 7 days after receipt of payment